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What we do:

Graceful Mobility delivers the convenience of onsite extraction for cannabis farmers, allowing them to maximize their profits by processing their trim or flower into top shelf concentrates. Graceful Mobility saves cultivators time and money while reducing transportation risks, and provides them with a service that eliminates the extensive costs associated with purchasing and maintaining state of the art equipment. We can also package your material so that it is market ready for dabbing, vaping, tinctures, etc!

We want our farmers to maximize their profits and operate as a contractor or equipment leasing company - so the contractual agreement is for cash instead of a % of your yield. For Pricing and scheduling, contact us at or fill out the form below.

Our Partnership with you:

Graceful Mobility respects the privacy, confidentiality and proprietary rights of its clients, their assets, material, real estate, and business operations. The material will remain on the cultivator’s premises and we require that a representative for the cultivator be on site and responsible for loading the material into the columns and for removing the waste from the columns and disposing of the material in a lawful manner.


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