100# High Purity USA ISO-BUTANE Lot Analysis 99.83%, 99.5% Guaranteed

Solvent comes in a DOT refillable LP tank with an adapter to 1/4" SAE.

Lot Analysis:

Isobutane: 99.83% +

Methane: <1ppm

Ethane: <1ppm

N-butane: 1682ppm

Propane: 17ppm

Isopentane: <2ppm

Water: <3ppm

CO+CO2: Oxygen: <5ppm

Nitrogen: <10ppm

Sulfer: Non-Detected

*Actual Isobutane liquid weight is 50LB

Due to FAA regulations, solvent tanks cannot be safely transported via means other than ground. Any order that has solvent will not be shipped in an expedited fashion. If an order with solvent is combined with any other items and chosen to be expedited, that entire order will ship via UPS Ground/Freight. We will not split up any orders and ship them separately. If a customer is wanting to expedite specific items and order solvent, 2 separate orders (1 for the solvent and 1 for the expedited items) will need to be placed in order to do so.

Solvents do not ship to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, or any other US Territory outside of the contiguous 48 States.

Shipping Solvent to Alaska may ONLY ship via freight and will be required to travel through Canada.

We have this policy in place to ensure safety when transporting solvents, and to prevent any issue with shipping times for our customers.

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