Tincture 260 mg CBD 1oz

Tincture 260 mg CBD 1oz


250 mg (guarantee) CBD oil tincture. Can also be used as a vape juice. Organic food grade MCT oil used as carrier oil.

Lab results are funky to understand, if you have any questions please ask!

CBD with Zero THC purchased before 3/6/19

Sample #114152 THC: N/D   CBD: 0.9 Total: 0.9% Tested on 01/07/2019 by Iron Laboratories

Or if purchased after 3/7/18

Botancor Services:

A Test ID: 2759702.037 Reported: 27-Feb-2019 Method: TM01

71.9 mg/g CBD

2.5 mg/g THC

1 mg/g CBG

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